What are your geocoding needs?

First 2,500 lookups per day are free, $0.0005 per additional lookup. Read more.

How big is your list?

What is your estimated volume?

rows lookups/month

Do you want any data appends?

Additional data appends per lookup

Pay as You Go volume discount is automatically applied to your statement at the time of each charge based on the usage of the previous month.

Upload a spreadsheet or use our simple REST API.

When will I be charged?

Pay as You Go is billed every month on the 1st, based on usage from the last month. Unlimited is billed monthly on the day of the month the service started.

What if I use more than 2,500 lookups in a day, but don't have a credit card on file?

Geocodio will simply return an error message saying "You can't make this request as it is above your daily maximum." No charges will be incurred. You'll be able to continue using the service once you add a credit card.

Is Geocodio Unlimited truly unlimited?

Yes. Geocodio Unlimited is unmetered. The only limitation is the amount of requests per second that your dedicated instance physically can handle. A single instance can process about 200,000 lookups per hour.

What about extra data?

Data appends (Congressional districts, state legislative districts, school districts, and timezones) count as a lookup each. For example, if you wanted the Congressional district and timezone for a given address, it would be $.0015 including the latitude/longitude (or count as 3 lookups from the 2,500 free lookups).